May 22, 2024

Mr Troubleshooter

I have always loved sports, even as a very young child. I am going on 50 years of avid sports obsession lol.

I remember watching Hank Aaron hit his 715th HR.

I remember watching Carlton Fisk’s HR in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

I remember waiting to eat Christmas Dinner because my parents were at the Longest Game in NFL History.

So yeah, I have been following sports for awhile.

One of my favorite Christmas presents growing up was the Baseball Encyclopedia. This of course was long before the internet where you have all the knowledge available at your fingertips. I was obsessed with the book. I went through each season looking at which teams did the best, which players performed the best and when players interested me, I would look up their player pages and look at all their stats.

I collected the History of the Super Bowl books from McDonalds in the 1970’s.

I read every book on sports and sports history in my school libraries.

I won my Mom’s college football picking pool at her work when I was in the third grade.

I was an avid Strat O Matic Sports board game player and still play the computer versions.

I started reading Bill James in 1984 and loved a different look at how players actually contributed to team success.

I read the book Rotisserie Baseball in 1985 and ran my first league in 1986. I have won dozens of home league championships since.

I co-founded a Fantasy Football League in 1995, which somehow came up with basically the same standard scoring system that is standard today even though that was roughly two years before any national fantasy football games were started on the internet. I had to manually score the games each week using newspaper box scores. I won the league that first year powered by picking Barry Sanders and Chris Warren with picks 14-15 and scored big with the final pick of the draft selecting an unknown rookie RB from UGA named Terrell Davis.

In another home league I recorded the only undefeated season in league history in 2007.

I have won numerous home league fantasy football titles and just last year dipped my toe into online contests at FFPC and NFC. Finishing 3rd in a league and 1st this year at FFPC and finishing tied for first in H2H record but narrowly missing out on the total points tiebreaker at NFC.

I also spent a career in IT, trouble shooting systems and problems, fixing things and optimizing systems.

So now I have decided to combine my troubleshooting skills, with my love and success at fantasy sports to start this website and hopefully share my knowledge and insights to help others be successful at fantasy sports.

Let’s have some fun!